The story so far…

Where It all Started

A youthful Luca, aged 7.

A youthful Luca, aged 7.

From the moment Luca’s Uncle Bruno plucked a coin from behind his ear at age 6, he has been fascinated by the art of magic to a point of obsession. After begging his mum for a magic set for Christmas, Luca was soon hooked on the magic pill and, little did his parents know at the time, they’d sparked a lifelong passion. Getting his hands on every magic book and trick he could, Luca soon began to build up an impeccable sleight-of-hand skillset at a very early age.

Vegas Dream Come True

The signed Copperfield poster Luca still treasures!

The signed Copperfield poster Luca still treasures!

Luca’s sudden magic craze, combined with the fact his parents had been saving up for an American holiday for years resulted in a twist of fate which would impact Luca’s life forever. They embarked on a dream holiday to Las Vegas, where an 8-year-old Luca got to see and meet some of the world’s greatest magicians, like David Copperfield, Mac King and Rick Thomas. Luca managed to show a trick to Vegas magic megastar, Thomas, who beamed in awe: “Wow, you’re good! You never know, you might be one of the best magicians in the world one day because you’re good!” Inspirational!

Hobby to Career

IMG_0480After two years of performing at private parties and weddings whilst at school and sixth form, Luca took the leap of fate into pursuing his dreams. With the help of the Prince’s Trust – the same organisation who helped Dynamo start – Luca launched his business as a magician aged just 18. His work ethic, talent and instantly likeable persona helped him quickly establish himself as one of the hottest properties in the industry.

BGT & Further Success

Determined to take his talents to a bigger stage, Luca began creating viral videos online in 2018 and has since rocketed to stardom – racking up over 4 million avid online fans and 2 billion video views.

His exploits were soon spotted by Hollywood entertainment giants, United Talent Agency, and he has since been invited to perform around the world, for royalty and numerous celebrity clients.

036_17.02.16_Luca Gallone

Being one of the top viewed magicians on the planet today, it’s no surprise that Luca’s career continues to go from strength to strength – and at 23 years old, it’s only just getting started!