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I don’t exactly class myself as a comedy magician.

Never have done, probably won’t be.

That said, I do scatter into my act entertaining “bits of business” and some stock lines which keep things fun.

It’s not that I particularly agree with the “you’re an entertainer first, magician second” analogy.

I absolutely understand why some people would be in that camp – but I think magic has too much inherently going for it to play second fiddle to anything else. Magic is unique and should be respected.

Trivialising the magic is the last thing I want to do

Ultimately, though, I want everyone to have a great time.

And you should, too!

Everyone wants to laugh. And magic is an ideal vehicle to do that.

So, quick tip time. I’m learning all the time and, if I can share some of my lessons with others too, I feel that can only be beneficial for all of us.

Here’s something you can do straight away to make your magic funnier:

I was at a gig a few days ago and something happened.

We all have those moments where we surprise ourselves, blurt something out in the moment and it goes down a storm.

Everyone bursts out laughing and you feel like a comedy God.

Battling admirably to not laugh at your own joke, you are shocked!

It seemed to come from nowhere!

But, at the right moment, the comment arose and it was bang on the money.

There’s that painful little millisecond that seems to last for an eternity, where you’re unsure whether the joke is going to hit. The tension is released and the laughter ensues. You’ve nailed it.

Right time, right place, right people. Beautiful.

Yeah… there are times when you mumble a joke and it goes down like a lead balloon. But let’s not dwell on those.

Anyway at this gig, if I do say so myself, I was on from. And the laughter was flowing.


And I said something hilarious.

The crowd erupted like a volcano.

So, here’s the tip:
When that genius joke pops up from thin air, REMEMBER IT!

After the gig or performance, actually take the time to write it down so you can use it again in the future.

Otherwise, you’ll most likely forget it.

I’ve been doing this recently and it’s added some extra funny moments to my performance that I’m really pleased with!

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